About Us

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The company was started in the year 2018. The company will be producing and selling biocatalysts, biodigesters, biofertilizers.

Products: Biodigesters, Biodegraders, Biofreshners, biocatalysts


Waste management options, integrated waste management, rehabilitation of contaminated sites, recycling of wastes, solutions for non-biodegradables,


  • Eco friendly products
  • Locally adapted products.
  • Affordable
  • Safe
  • Reliable

Problem Solution

There is urgent need for solutions to the current solid waste menace in our cities today. The founder observed that environmental degradation due to poor solid waste and over use of chemical inputs is causing wide spread detrimental effects worldwide and in Kenya.

Thus the initiative of making products and offering services that will ensure environmental safety and environmental sustainability.


These are products that enhance rapid degradation of wastes in the environment. They do so very efficiently and safely while limiting the use of harmful chemicals and burning in waste management.

The products are also useful to commercial compost producers because they shorten the period of production and improve the quality of the final compost. This ensures a reliable and quality supply of organic fertilizer to organic farmers.

The company is therefore focused on environmental safety and conservation, food security and value addition of the large volumes of wastes we generated daily from different human activities.

The products manufactured by our company will successfully solve these current agroecological issues.

Benefits of Quickfix

Quickfix is environmentally friendly, containing only natural enzymes and microorganisms which are harmless to human beings and other living organisms.

  1. Reduces levels of waste in septic tanks and pit latrines.
  2. Gets rid of bad odours even from cattle sheds, piggery and poultry houses.
  3. Eliminates flies and other disease causing agents.
  4. Eliminates the need for exhauster services.
  5. Reduced environmental pollution and human health hazards.
  6. Prolongs the lifespan of pit-latrines.
  7. Improves the overall quality of life for the user and the society.